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GAMS Input Data: Csv Files That Work in GAMS and Excel

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It took me a while to work out csv input files for GAMS.

I prefer to use text input data files like csv (i.e., comma separated variable) where possible. (Or for non-tabular data, something like yaml or json). Excel works well to prepare input data, and is frequently how companies such as AEMO share input assumptions. But it’s not easy to work out how an Excel file has changed — or even if it has.

Keeping Track of Previous Scenarios in a GAMS Multi-stage Stochastic Program for Electricity Market Modelling

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Currently, I research possible ways to significantly reduce carbon emissions (e.g., by over 60%) from electricity generation in Australia for the least cost. With my colleagues, I am working on the question: given all the uncertainty in the future, what should we (in Australia) do now? We are working on this as a stochastic planning problem, using the modelling langauge GAMS.

The other day, I was trying to ensure that subsequent stages “remembered” the generation that was built in previous stages.